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We are a dynamic company that actively embraces the fast paced changes facing our industry and customers. Our bold entrepreneurial spirit is emblematic of our accomplishments. In 2005 C valley was proudly founded. C valley quickly became an industry leader with a reputation for the highest quality Emulsions, Decorative Paints, Putty and Stainers.

Our unparalleled quality, innovation exceptional value, and employees have all contributed to our stellar success.


The value of our team

Being a leader in our industry requires one resource above all others - great people. To successfully respond to the changing needs of our customers and strategies of our competitors, C valley has identified, developed, and retained quality people who can adapt to rapid growth - people with the vision and courage to express their views, people willing to assume risk, take ownership, and be accountable for their actions. In return, C valley provides an exceptional working environment and recognizes that its people are the driving force behind our success. C valley prides itself on providing a positive, safe, quality environment where employees are well compensated for their hard work. 

Team spirit promotes cooperation among fellow employees. A policy of open communication between all levels of the company means that employees have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the future success of C valley and enjoy them selves along the way.

The Tradition of Our Products

C valley hasn't changed; our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality Emulsions, Stainers, Putty, and Decorative Paint products at the best value possible. An experienced team of chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians are on staff to ensure our product standards. Our ability to continually set industry standards for high quality products depends upon the recognition of changing technologies, the evolutionary needs of customers, and commitment to the research and development of new products.

Our diverse and exceptionally experienced staff search out and evaluate new technologies that continue to improve products and processes by means of the latest in paint manufacturing technology. Automated systems in material handling, production, and inventory control allows us to shorten the production cycle, enhance efficiency, improve quality control, and never miss a deadline C valley manufactures India's foremost quality paint products. We are proud to be the company customers rely on to produce superior, state-of-the-art color with the highest quality available.

Our phenomenal growth over the past time has earned us the mantle - "The India's fastest growing Paint Company!" Our anticipated growth into the 21'st century will allow us to maintain that exciting distinction, and we will surpass all production and sales volumes previously experienced. C valley will continue to expand in anticipation of our customers' growing needs and requirements. The members of the C valley team are proud to be a part of a world class organization that provides premium products to customers throughout India.